Keynote Speaker

Kevin Wanzer

Since 1983, Kevin Wanzer has spoken in front of well over 3,000 audiences all over the world including 49 states, Canada, China, Europe, and Singapore. He has been noted nationally as one of the most effective and entertaining speakers for corporations, organizations, schools, colleges, and audiences of adults who work with and empower the lives of youth. His program encourages audiences to discover their hidden passions, embrace diversity, and celebrate the laughter in us all.

Kevin has been earning rave reviews for 30 years. Reaching audiences in refreshing ways is all he has ever known. At Kevin’s lemonade stand at the age of eight, passersby were treated to two types of refreshment: a cold cup of lemonade and hilarious, dead-on stand-up renditions of Steve Martin comedy routines. Decades later, the lemonade is long gone, as are the Martin routines. The refreshment, however, is still to be had. Early in his career, Kevin served on the staff of and appeared on Late Night with David Letterman. As a result of working with First Lady Nancy Reagan, President Ronald Reagan appointed Kevin to serve as a delegate to the White House Conference for a Drug-Free America, on behalf of which he spoke at the United Nations. To this day, Kevin is still one of the youngest presidential appointees in American history.

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